Electric Festival

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After a successful start in 2013, Aruba has become a centralized location for the annual electronic music festival & conference in Latin American and the Caribbean region – Electric Festival. EF is a five day festival in the first week of September. Ranging from Techno to Electro music, it attracts over 15.000 visitors every year.

Part of Electric Festival is ADE Conference. ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) is the leading electronic music platform and the biggest club festival in the world for the whole spectrum of electronic subgenres. After launching a successful teaser campaign at EF 2014 ADE will present their first conference in the Latin and Caribbean region.

We've been there from the start, attending different tasks each year. With the help of Par-Va, the online community grew from 0 to 93.000 fans on Facebook and 20.000 fans on instagram and Twitter.


Aruba - Electric Festival - Par-Va

Par-Va at Electric Festival 2014
Par-Va at Electric Festival 2014